Outline, Vision and Basic Policy of JFMDA

Outline of JFMDA

The Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations (JFMDA) was founded in February 1984 by medical device associations consisting of manufacturers and suppliers of medical and health-care devices, equipment,instruments and materials. Since then, JFMDA has been addressing various national and international issues related to all its member associations. By taking appropriate actions on these issues, and through the support of innovation and sustainable supply of medical devices and technologies to the world, JFMDA has contributed to the growth of the industries it represents and to the improvement of welfare and health care in Japan. JFMDA became a legal entity as of January6th,2014.

Main Activities of JFMDA

  1. 1.Cooperation with the government, ministries, local governments, medical institutions, academia, related societies and international organizations
  2. 2.Investigation, study and policy proposal for the better medical care and medical devices
  3. 3.Promotion of the international exchange and cooperation on the medical care and the medical devices
  4. 4.Participation in the development of regulations, standards, international standards for medical devices and their notification
  5. 5.Promotion of close relations among the members through meetings, committees, study group meetings
  6. 6.Public relations and information delivery about medical device industry and medical device technology
  7. 7.Contact and cooperation with community organizations and various industries
  8. 8.Lectures and seminars on the subjects of medical devices
  9. 9.Publication of JFMDA journal and booklets

JFMDA initially consisted of 15 associations (representing about 3,000 companies). At present, membership has increased to 21 associations (representing about 4,280 companies), while associate member organizations and about 140 individual companies are registered as supporting members approved sponsoring JFMDA's activities. JFMDA is thus playing an increasingly important role as a liaison between industries and government agencies, and is expanding its scale and activities.

Vision of JFMDA

Improving the presence of Medical Devices Industry Providing the latest medical technology quickly to the medical professionals and patients.
Ensuring further safety of medical devices. Increasing global competitiveness by the development of new medical devices and technologies.

Basic Policy of JFMDA

(1) Strengthening the ability of policy proposal

The proposal to the medical devices policy grounded on the importance and diversity of medical devices under the development of modern medical care

  • Preparing the environment toward the acceleration of development of new medical devices
  • Establishing the pharmaceutical jurisprudence and medical insurance system in conformity with the characteristics and the actual condition of medical devices
  • Promoting establishment of the office for the medical devices in the government
  • Founding the education and training system for medical device professionals

(2) Improving the acknowledgment level of medical devices

  • Dispatching information concerning contribution of medical devices
  • Promoting the understanding of safety of medical devices to a citizen

(3) Accelerating globalization

  • Promoting global harmonization
  • Increasing information exchange for overseas deployment